Till I Draw My Last Breath

3:50pm Thursday, Aug 30

There's a time to remember all the things in this life that give us pleasure and joy.
There's a time to leave these things behind for what life has waiting for us.

If I could chose to never let go I would surely hold fast to the moments I loved best
If I could hold on and never let go to the times that I felt alive, to the times I had you.

I would cherish the moments and give up my years,
I would dance in those moments and banish the tears.

I love you, I miss you, I'll never forget.
I love you, I'll miss you, since the moment we met.

You are my pleasure and my heart's greatest joy,
You'll stay in me always till I draw my last breath!



Herman the Worm

10:47pm Monday, Aug 27


I was sittin' on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin' with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (make a motion as if measuring a tiny worm)
And I said: "Herman? What happened?"
"I ate my Mother."

I was sittin' on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin' with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (make a motion as if measuring a little bit bigger worm)
And I said: "Herman? What happened?"
"I ate my Father."

I was sittin' on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin' with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (make a motion as if measuring a bigger worm)
And I said: "Herman? What happened?"
"I ate my Brother."

I was sittin' on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin' with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (make a motion as if measuring a bigger worm)
And I said: "Herman? What happened?"
"I ate my Sister."

I was sittin' on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin' with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (make a motion as if measuring a really big worm)
And I said: "Herman? What happened?"
"I ate my Dog."

I was sittin' on my fencepost, chewing my bubblegum
(chew, chew, chew, chew)
Playin' with my yo-yo, wee-oo! wee-oo!
When along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (make a motion as if measuring for a tiny worm again)
And I said: "Herman? What happened?"
"I burped."



Six Months To Say Goodbye

11:52pm Saturday, May 26


It was not for me to know that I’d be saying goodbye.
It was not for me to know that those were my last hugs.
It was 6 months ago I kissed you and sent you on your way,
Six months ago I told you to be careful and watch yourself.
Little did I know that time would stand still,
Little would I know that the world would change that day.

I miss you my baby, I miss you my love,
If I could change it I would no price would be too great.
If I could give myself to have you back in this place.
I love you my baby, such pain has never been felt.
My heart grieves this moment and forever it will.

Six months is forever, 6 months is yesterday.
Six months is a lifetime, 6 months is a heartbeat.
A lifetime or a moment they’re both much the same.
My life has stopped moving, I still can’t believe,
Believe for a moment that nothing’s the same.

I love you my baby, 6 months to goodbye,
I love you my baby 6 months still I cry.
You gave us such passion, you gave us such joy.
You gave us yourself and forever you will stay,
You gave me such love and memories stay.
Six months since we’ve hugged, six months since we kissed,
Every second I counted, every second you’re missed.

Six months I love you, six months still today.
Six months or a lifetime can not change how I feel.
I love you my baby, I love you for always and ever on.
I love you my baby, I’ll say it forever, I’ll say it some more.

Six months I love, Six months I miss you, six months more…



I Wondered What I Could Get You For Your Birthday

3:19pm Saturday, Apr 21


It wasn’t easy and it sure isn’t fair,
But all I could think of was lots of air!
I’ve invited some family and some of your friends
To soar through the sky, as your passion sends.

I’ve cried and I’ve laughed most every day,
Hoping the someday I might find a way.
To hold you once more and give you my heart,
So you’d know without question we’d never part.

My baby I love you and forever I you’re missed,
The times we hugged, and the moments we kissed.
I know that I told you and showed you as well,
That you are my world and my story to tell.

So this birthday wish is all I can give,
A wish that through our lives you memory will live.
I love you unceasingly and welcome you here,
To stay in my life and always be near.

So be with me closely as I take the leap,
To give me the courage for this promise to keep.
I’ll jump from the plane and you think it’s funny,
But I hope I can shout back “Happy Birthday Hunny!!”

Happy Birthday Vicki!!
You will always be my baby!!

I love you Always.. Daddy!!
April 22, 1988 – one of my best moments ever..



Pennsauken Guard Show - A Touch of Class

2:32am Sunday, Mar 25


I don't know where to start or even how to end but I want you to know how special tonight has truly been.

My spirit was lifted, my heart even bounced when the dedication for Vicki was respectfully announced. The music began and tears filled my eyes a beautiful performance a father's surprise! Thank you for putting your hearts and passion in your show your love and your spirit.. well it truly showed. I was so filled with joy that Vicki was there, a twirl of a flag a saber in air.

I can’t adequately tell you all how special you are that you would embrace memories of a friend and perform with such grace. I was truly blessed with every step and I know in my heart she went along, keeping time and singing the song. Thank you so much for this special gift, a show for my angel, a show from the heart. I hope you all know you are wonderful people and I could ask for more.

Thank ladies, thank you with all my heart <3




Thank you for being you!!

7:52pm Sunday, Feb 18


You may ponder who you are and what you’re about,
You may wonder of life and how you’ll turn out.
But know that there are reasons you are who you will be,
Because there is no one else that could be you for me.

Friends and family they may come and may go,
But the impressions they leave we love them so.
You are a dream that will not fade away,
A memory, a thought of your presents will stay.

You gave of yourself, a piece of your heart,
A small piece of you, so never we’ll part.
If it wasn’t for you then what would I be,
I love you for you and the part of you in me.

-- This is for my family you know who you are
-- because I want you to know how special you've become.





1:32am Saturday, Feb 3


  by Mercy Me



You're in a better place, I've heard a thousand times
And at least a thousand times I've rejoiced for you
But the reason why I'm broken, the reason why I cry
Is how long must I wait to be with you

I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

Help me Lord cause I don't understand your ways
The reason why I wonder if I'll ever know
But, even if you showed me, the hurt would be the same
Cause I'm still here so far away from home

I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

In Christ, there are no goodbye
And in Christ, there is no end
So I'll hold onto Jesus with all that I have
To see you again
To see you again

And I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow

I've never been more homesick than now




Blood Alcohol Levels and Your Body's Response

9:12pm Wednesday, Jan 24


How Much Alcohol Does it Take?
The amount of alcohol it takes to affect a person's central nervous system depends on multiple factors including body size and weight, degree of hydration, amount of food in the stomach (food in the stomach slows alcohol absorption). To calculate blood alcohol level check out this chart.


Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) and the bodies responses

BAL = .02%-.03%
You feel mildly relaxed and maybe a little lightheaded. Your inhibitions are slightly loosened, and whatever mood you were in before you started drinking may be mildly intensified.

BAL = .05%-.06%
You feel warm and relaxed. If you're the shy type when you're sober, you lose your feelings of shyness. Your behavior may become exaggerated, making you talk louder or faster or act bolder than usual. Emotions are intensified, so your good moods are better and your bad moods are worse. You may also feel a mild sense of euphoria.

BAL = .08%-.09%
You believe you're functioning better than you actually are. At this level, you may start to slur your speech. Your sense of balance is probably off, and your motor skills are starting to become impaired. Your ability to see and hear clearly is diminished. Your judgment is being affected, so it's difficult for you to decide whether or not to continue drinking. Your ability to evaluate sexual situations is impaired.

BAL = .10%-.12%
At this level, you feel euphoric, but you lack coordination and balance. Your motor skills are markedly impaired, as are your judgment and memory. You probably don't remember how many drinks you've had. Your emotions are exaggerated, and some people become loud, aggressive, or belligerent. If you're a guy, you may have trouble getting an erection when your BAL is this high.

BAL = 14%-.17%
Your euphoric feelings may give way to unpleasant feelings. You have difficulty talking, walking, or even standing. Your judgment and perception are severely impaired. You may become more aggressive, and there is an increased risk of accidentally injuring yourself or others. This is the point when you may experience a blackout.

BAL = .20%
You feel confused, dazed, or otherwise disoriented. You need help to stand up or walk. If you hurt yourself at this point, you probably won't realize it because you won't feel pain. If you are aware You've injured yourself, chances are you won't do anything about it. At this point you may experience nausea and/or start vomiting (keep in mind that for some people, a lower blood alcohol level than .20% may cause vomiting). Your gag reflex is impaired, so you could choke if you do throw up. Since blackouts are likely at this level, you may not remember any of this.

BAL = .25%
All mental, physical, and sensory functions are severely impaired. You're emotionally numb. There's an increased risk of asphyxiation from choking on vomit and of seriously injuring yourself by falling or other accidents.

BAL = .30%
You're in a stupor. You have little comprehension of where you are. You may suddenly pass out at this point and be difficult to awaken. (But don't kid yourself: Passing out can also occur at lower BALs. But, at lower blood alcohol levels, you may decide You've had enough to drink and go "pass out." With an alarming BAL like .30%, your body will be deciding to pass out for you.) In February 1996, an 18-year-old student died of alcohol poisoning with a BAL of .31% after attending two parties the night before.

BAL = .35%
This blood alcohol level also happens to be the level of surgical anesthesia. You may stop breathing at this point. In February 1996, a second student, age 20, died of alcohol poisoning with a BAL of .34% after drinking six beers and twelve shots in two hours.

BAL = .40%
You are probably in a coma. The nerve centers controlling your heartbeat and respiration are slowing down. Death may be imminent. In April 1994, a 21-year-old student died of alcohol poisoning with a BAL of .40% after a Hell Night Party.




He Needed An Angel

10:39pm Sunday, Jan 21


The little children were growing restless, hopping clouds seemed not so fun
So they went to Him and asked " Dear God - Can anything be done"
"Can someone show us new games, Can someone sing songs we do not know"
"Can you bring to us an angel - someone as pretty as the fallen snow."

He pondered for a moment, then he saw her as she slept
He again had to think about a mother's tears, so many to be wept
He whispered in her ear and told him of the little chldrens' request,
She opened up her eyes to Him and said "Yes I will do my best".

She asked if her family would be okay and to be proud of her new role
She asked that they be happy for her for now she has found her goal
The children greeted her with hugs and kisses and took her by the hand
They knew they had their Angel, they knew she would make things grand.

And now the Heavens once again are smiling, the laughter is abound
All because of a new Angel - the young lady that He found

-- This is from a friend..
She wrote “They also call my Kristy too. I wrote this in two minutes, So there is a God and an Angel who helped me. Kristine


Warmest Thanks

6:59pm Sunday, Jan 14


We have tried to reach out to many to express our thanks. This is for those we have not been able to speak to personally, we are grateful for your support.

Warmest Thanks from the Hickman Family

Victoria Lee Hickman
April 22, 1988 – November 27, 2006

Dearest Friends,

Our family would like to express our warmest thanks to all of you for your compassionate support in our time of grief over the past few weeks.

As many of you are aware we have been struggling with the sudden loss of our daughter Victoria on November 27, 2006. Although this struggle has just begun we have relied heavily on our faith and the support of those around us to get through this time. The outpouring of help from our friends, family, co-workers and community has been completely overwhelming.

Victoria was a very passionate young woman full of life, full of joy with an incredible knack of making the best of even a worse situation. In 18 ˝ short years she touched many lives and had lived a life of no regrets and no limits. My wife and I are very proud of the person she became and through these past few weeks we have been uplifted by the stories of how she impacted others. She truly loved life and experienced more then most will in their entire lifetime.

In these days we know that Victoria is with God and is being well taken care of but the pain we experience from her passing will be with us forever. We will celebrate her life in all we do and although the tears will come and go we will remember how she would have found joy in even this terrible moment.

It is our hope that anyone who has felt sadness in Victoria’s passing will find comfort in our strength and will be able to find peace in her memories.

Again we are extremely grateful for all your support and prayers.

Bill, Kristi and Bill Hickman



Happy New Years Vicki

1:54am Sunday, Dec 31, 2006


Yah, You know you Love Me!!

Happy New Years
  My Baby

Well Vicki tonight we say good by to 2006, it was the best of times and indeed it is the worst. Your life seemed to progressively energize for you with each passing year. Your energy was contagious.

Yes 2006 was no exception.

January 2006 –
  A new year 2006.. full of promise!!
  A new years party dad wouldn’t have liked.. (had he known!!)
  Excitement formed as your acceptance came for your college choices
February 2006 –
  Freshman Formal, yah you had no boundaries..
  everyone was your friend, no regrets.
March 2006 –
  Pink Ladies
  Picked your college.. ready to go..
April 2006 –
  Senior Trip
May 2006 –
  Indoor Guard & Spring Trips
June 2006 –
  Senior Prom, God you were beautiful.
  Graduation and all the joy that came with it & oh yah the party!!
July 2006 –
  One word “skydiving!
��?, Going solo!!, knew you'd do it!
August 2006 -
  Rock Climbing, again no limits!!
  “Move in Day
��?.. sad to leave home & friends, but it’s a whole new world.
September 2006 –
  Heart shaped rugs.. only you!!! 80's Party the fun's just heating up!!
October 2006 –
  Double dare, slip and slide.. always a rush!! And don’t forget Halloween.
November 2006 –
  Leaves and Acorns..
  Home with all your friends, Thanksgiving with the Family


December 2006 -
  We had to say good bye.. it hasn't been easy and it seems impossible to let go.
  You touched hearts, you changed lives and our family has grown I love them all.
  Christmas came.. you were missed with every moment and every package.

These were just the moments that I was able to pick out, I know there's more.. you delivered excitement everyday. New adventures to be taken and new lives to be touched, cars to be tagged, pranks to be pulled, new ideas to be dreams up,..... more crayons to color outside the line....

No year will ever be the same as 2006.. it was the best and it was the worst.. You are missed.. I will miss your phone call at 12:01am, that bubbly voice telling me "happy new years daddy!!", I will miss the new years hug in the morning when I see you.. But most of all I will just miss you!!

I love you and remain proud of you.. you will be an inspiration for me to do a few things this year if you help me with the strength to go on. I know your in a perfect place but down here just isn't the same with out you. Shine your love, joy and happiness on us all for 2007.. we all need it...

I love you Baby..
  Can't wait to see you when God's ready..
  In my heart always, Dad



I Can only Imagine

11:37am Wednesday, Dec 27, 2006


Borrowed this from a group called Mercy Me..
.. makes me cry... but it's happy tears!!
.. I can only imagine what it must be like for her!! O:-)


I Can Only Imagine
I can only imagine what it will be like
When I walk by your side
I can only imagine what my eyes will see
When your face is before me
I can only imagine

(Chorus next)
Surrounded by your glory
What will my heart feel?
Will I dance for you Jesus?
Or in awe of you be still?
Will I stand in your presence?
Or to my knees will I fall?
Will I sing hallelujah?
Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine
I can only imagine

I can only imagine when that day comes
And I find myself standing in the Son
I can only imagine when all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you
I can only imagine
I can only imagine

(chorus 2x)
I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you
I can only imagine



Mirror of Me

12:05am Wednesday, Dec 27, 2006


I look on the mirror and what do I see
I look in the mirror I see you, I see me.
I look in the mirror who do I see,
The essence of you pictured in me.

A reflection of you, a reflection of me
I look in the mirror who do I see
A beautiful person alive in this face
A friendship of love time can not erase.

I laugh and I cry because you are not here
I look in the mirror and again you appear.
Your face and your smile all cheery and bright,
A halo of love, a face covered in light.

My breath on the glass our reflection it hides,
I draw with my finger a heart with your name.
The fog quickly fades and your image returns
The image returns but things are not the same.

You can’t be forgotten and our love will live on.
Your part of my life though your reflection is gone.
I look in the mirror and what do I see,
I look in the mirror I see you alive in me.



A Christmas Wish

4:32pm Sunday, Dec 24, 2006


I have though about things that have happened over the past few weeks and I want everyone to know that I love you all. Christmas is a special time for our family a time when everyone shares our time, our food, our presents and more importantly ourselves. This time we all know that we are missing a friend, a sister and a daughter but know that she is still here. She will be in our hearts, she will be the story you share and laugh about out loud or that quiet moment when the tears form in the corner of your eye. She will be the mess you make when you are getting your piece of pie, the sugar you put in you tea, and the extra serving of “smashed potatoes ��? you steal at dinner. Yah she’ll be there in everything you do because she is in you, she’ll be smiling when you open your presents because she knew what it was before you did. She’ll be enjoying a huge smores when your thinking “man that desert looks good but I am Sooo full��?.

Ya! She’s right here in this Christmas wish because we love her and we are so lucky to have known her. Be sure to know she is always close by God’s grace watching over us. Try to find some joy as you enjoy the precious people around you, grieve and be sad but don’t waste a moment to tell those around you how much you appreciate them. Love like she loves, smile like she smiles and most of all live life like she lives life..

It is my hope, wish and prayer that all of you have a blessed holiday. Hug your loved ones and kiss someone that really gets on your nerves.. After all it is Christmas and it is a time to remember that God would want us to enjoy each other.. just like Vicki would.

I love you all and am so blessed to have you all in my life, let you light shine and enjoy the gift of friends and family during this special time.

God Bless you all,
Bill (Pappa H)



Life is funny don’t you think?

2:27pm Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006


Life is funny don’t you think?
A promise of tomorrow, a glimmer of your dreams,
A chance to create a brand new day,
A chance to live before it’s too late.

Life is funny don’t you think?
What surprises in store we may never know.
Choices we make that sets our futures in motion,
A choice to reveal what is yet to be spoken.

Life can be funny when you open your eyes.
People and places are part of your being,
The memories and emotions that make it so real
Capture the moments, and never forget.

The essence of love, a life to be shared,
A spirit we’ve know that is yet to be kindled,
A spirit of life, a passionate breathe
A joy like no other leaves no hearts to be broken.

A time has come to know before they pass.
The dreams of our spirit, the words of our flesh,
The essence of you lives in my dreams every day,
Your unfailing love in my heart will always endure.

Life can be funny if it isn’t to late,
To reach for tomorrow and see what’s to take.
Borrow the moments before they are gone.
Oh, life isn’t funny when your not here anymore



If only for a Moment

11:23pm Tuesday, Dec 12, 2006


If only for a moment I saw your face I would hold it in the palm of my hand.
If only for a moment I hear your voice, I would listen to your whispers.

I know how special each moment has been,
I understand the love that made us so close.
It is in these moments I hold onto the knowing that you are near,
It is these moments that help me to breathe my next breath.

If I only had a moment to tell you to stay I would shout it to the sky.
If I only had a moment to hold you close I would never let you go.

You know the love that you have, you shared your very self.
You opened your spirit to us all and it opened our eyes to life.
You made the world come alive without you it was just so plain
You gave us light and lead us to a new place that will never be the same.

Our hearts have been changed and we’ll never be undone.
We love you so much not for a moment but for always remains.

A moment has passed, the years have flown by
For the moment our hearts have been broken
But the moment will fade and your memory will persist.

Your moment is eternal, you love will not fade.
A daughter so precious that God has personally made.
A father grieves but for a moment his love will overcome
Until that moment his tears that let his love restore.

I love you Vicki..
I miss you… Dad!!



Letter to my baby, </3 God I miss her :-(

7:23pm Wednesday, Dec 6, 2006


My dearest baby,

It’s 5:30 in the morning and I just can’t help but feel the pain of missing you. I have always known that my life consisted of joys to numerous to count with you, Bill and mom in it. Every time I would hear your voice, your laughter, see your face your smile I knew that God had given me a blessing that no one could ever take away. I am so blessed and so grateful

It has been 18 years since God trusted you to me, 18 years since He asked me to be a father on earth to someone that I could never even have dreamt of. You were an angel sent here on earth to touch many hearts. I always thought that the effect of your love and your charm was something that only family and close friends shared. But I am overwhelmed to find out just how much you meant to everyone that ever met you. Family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances have come by to share with us stories and best wishes to celebrate you and your legacy. You have touched so many!

It has been a privilege and honor to be you father for these 18 years, one that despite the pain I feel now putting these words down I would not have traded for even a second. A privilege that even now makes me realize that I am the luckiest dad in the world, I feel so unworthy of this opportunity to have had you, Bill and mom but I will press on in the hopes that I may one day be able to complete the task God has entrusted me with.

Thank You with all my heart for every breath you ever took. I will long for the day that we meet again, to hug and kiss, to call you baby and hear you say “I love you Daddy
��? just one more time. For now we will all simply have to hang onto the 18 years of magic that you brought into our lives. You will be missed everyday, in everything we do and every plan we make. There should have been more.

Watch over Mom, Bill and I.. We Love You Endlessly